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Selasa, 31 Agustus 2010

Bramantyo's Site Interview

Your Cell Phone? Nokia 5220 ExpressMusic
Your Hair? Short black hair  

Your Mother? You're the best
Your Father? You're also the best  
Your Favorite Food? Everything but NO Cheese please.. 
Your Dream Last Night? Black chanel (alias nothing)  
Your Favorite Drink? Fresh Water, it's healthy for your life 
Your Dream/Goal? Give the best for my lovely parents and my family. Just it!  
What Room Are You In now? Living room  
Your Hobby? Drawing, drawing face drawing something or someone
Your Fear? Spider ! little or big spider ! all kind of spider ! it's horrible !
Where Were You Last Night? In my room, edited my painting and relax from activity in my school
Something That You Aren't? (?)  

Wish List Item? Ipod, Macbook, and something good for me 
Where Did You Grow Up? Jakarta-Indonesia 
What Are You Wearing? T-shirt - jeans jacket -
Your TV? why?  
Your Pets? NO! I don't have pet -____-
Friends? I have many more friends, and I love you guys. I'm proud have friends like them
Your Life? very wavy~ and ordinary   
Your Mood? Now, HAPPY 
Missing Someone? nothing
Vehicle? Angkot. (Because I don't have any vehincle, just my parents)
Something You Aren't Wearing? boxer, and short pencil jeans
Your Favorite Store? ITC, cheap and good item
Your Favorite Color? dark green and dark blue
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? yesterday with my friend including Rayyan Fitriasa, Ary Virgiawan, Ruby Alamsyah and each other
Last Time You Cried? I don't know, maybe 2 years ago
Your Best Friend? TOP AND BEST Never Found
Favorite Place To Eat? Solaria heheehe
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? School

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