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Kamis, 22 September 2011

Long Time No Writing

Haii guys, long time no writing on this blog, and I'm fell so curious and wrong do this.. This time I don't wanna tell a lot of words and any "raibow" sentences, but I just wanna tell you if I don't update this Blog for a long time (until mid of Oktober) it mean that I'm really busy.. Just fucking busy cause homeworks, teamworks, or excul time. This is Senior High School right? Perhaps, one of you who read this post had completed my grade now before me. But it's not important.. I hope you're not angry to me, cause if I don't like this, maybe I've write many topics and some iMagazine to read, hahaha.
And last, I just wanna tell that I've signed by my teacher to join in the National Science Competition, and I'll mark my school 38 SHS to compete on InaYS Competitions, you know it? InaYs is a competition which involve all schools from Indonesia to compete to write an scientific papers.. I'm so glad and pesimistic to do this competition, but I need and ask for you to pray for me, help me with your wishes to win this match. I just wanna to be the best and I know I can..
In the end..
Thanks a lot guyys


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