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Rabu, 16 November 2011

You'll Know How You Life To Live

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I have a many kind of friends. Short, thin, tall, fat, big, etc. Fat and Thin are different, same like Tall and Short, it's different, but there's something important between it. And fact saying most people in the world want something that isn't in itself. They think the kind of "body styles" are problem for their. And I admit that any kinds of people will always have that moment when they can't tell their problems with any of their friends, because:
  1. Maybe, it takes too much risks,
  2. Some may not be able to understand,
  3. Some will never care.
And this condition causes enough pain, this is complicated. I'm afraid of being a lunatic just because I hold my own problems inside, I'm stressed out. One day when I still take part of my Junior High School, that's a break time. I went to toilet room alone, there's nobody there. After it, there's a mirror assembled in wall, I looked to the mirror and somebody asked me, "Why are you so skinny, look at your arm! Are you not ashamed of the condition of your body that is unnatural?". But there, I keep silent.

And somebody differ than before asked me, "Look at your face! You are so handsome, but your handsome looks were destroyed with your appereances you look like now. Perhaps, naturally handsome would not lost with the time, but wheter it goes for you?". I touch my face and I fell rough and rocky envelop me. But I still silent and keep my eyes on the mirror.

The third somebody asked me, "Do you feel comfort with most problems that you asked to us?"

And I'm answer, "Because I believe in myself for that matter would not be a problem someone else, I would still feel comfortable. Because I'm sure one day the problem will fade with time, because I realized that it was just a problem that will never be lost if we think much about it .. You in me to ask myself .."

Sadar aja kan ini nggak enaknya jadi manusia, karena lo bakalan selalu punya masalah, dan kadang-kadang gatau gimana cara mecahinnya, dan rasanya itu kayak gak punya kepala. Tapi sebenarnya dari masalah yang gak ada buntutnya itu sebenarnya lo cuma berada 1 mm dari ekor masalah tersebut, tapi cuma lo saja yang gak mau keluar dari ekor masalah tersebut. Cause you don't have confidence to end your problems. Itulah enaknya jadi manusia. Gak kayak anjing atau kucing yang hidupnya diabisin dengan makan, tidur, boker, makan tidur, boker..

And in a time like this, you'll know how you life to live when you had your problem and asked to yourself, only you could reach the problems..

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